Guideline for choosing a good fabric while purchasing a dress for your company

Fabric selection plays an important part when designing uniforms for your workplace. Proper dressing reflects the personality of the workers as well as leaves an imprint on the customers’ minds. Employees wear their uniforms on a regular basis, so quality and comfort should be the top priority while selecting the material for the uniforms. Comfortable uniforms will make the employees efficient and active which will be beneficial for the organization.

Selecting the right kind of material is one of the most important factors to take into consideration because if the quality of the fabric is poor, then it may add up to the extra cost for replacing your uniforms in a shorter time.

Tips To Consider While Choosing Quality Fabric For Uniform

Fabric is the most important element while choosing a corporate uniform for your business. Each fabric has its drawbacks, but you have to choose wisely. Here are a few points to consider before choosing a uniform fabric. If you are looking for uniform suppliers from UAE, then you must read the complete article.

Comfort Level

Comfort should be the top priority while selecting a fabric for the uniform. The selection of fabric depends upon the type of work, season and living environment. Tangible characteristics of the fabric to check the comfort level are: drape (graceful folds or pleats), fabric hand (feel or sense of touch) and stiffness (resistance of the fabric to bend).


Some types of fabrics tend to preserve body odor. Polyester retains body odor and it stays even after washing. If employees work involves lots of physical activities and sweating then, polyester probably is not the best choice for the uniform. The cotton fabric acts as a sponge that releases the odorous substances more easily during washing as compared to the other fabrics.

Easy to wash

You should choose the fabric that is easy to clean and maintain. Uniform fabrics should be stain-resistant so that they effortlessly get rid of dirt. Lab assistants working in the hospitals have to deal with different kinds of fluids and chemicals on a daily basis, the liquids can spill on their lab coats. Hence, they should buy the material that is easily washable.

Bright colored uniform

If you don’t purchase the right uniform fabric with a suitable color, then your employees might be wearing faded uniforms that will make the employees look incompetent. Colors have the capacity to influence our mood. Brighter the color, happier the person will be. Red and orange colors are known to stimulate the appetite and promote excitement. The yellow color is linked to creativity and the green color is linked to natural elements. White color is excellent in moderation but can easily get stained. Navy, grey and black are more professional looking colors that flatter most shapes and skin tones.


Durable fabrics can bear the friction produced by washing and rubbing such as cotton and polyester. The fabric is more reliable if it has a higher percentage of polyester. You should verify the durability of the fabric before buying it.

Protection against ultraviolet rays (UVR)

Excessive exposure to the sun can lead to skin diseases, hence it is vital to buy the fabric that provides sun protection because the employees have to work outside most of the time. Synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, and acrylic are more protective than bleached cotton. Similarly, pure silk provides less UV protection than heavy cotton denim.

Your workplace conditions

It’s important to consider the comfort of your staff while selecting the fabric of the uniform. The outdoor and indoor working conditions of the workplace have a great impact on an employee’s uniform. Blended fabric is a flexible option because it provides comfort in both summer and winter seasons.

Best Types Of Fabrics Used For Work Clothes/Uniform

Your workplace conditions

Some of the quality fabrics while choosing the uniforms are mentioned below.
• Cotton- Cotton is a very classic choice for summers. It absorbs sweat effectively and acts like a sponge. It keeps the wearer cool and comfortable.
• Polyester- It’s well known for its durability and ability to draw moisture away from the skin. Normally, polyester is famous for athletic apparel.

Polyester Blends- One of the most popular combination for manufacturing uniforms is the mixture of polyester and cotton. This fusion not only makes the uniforms comfortable but also increases the durability of the uniform. Poplin is another kind of fabric that is water-resistant and convenient for summers.

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Let us find you the best fabric material and design for uniforms

Choosing the right kind of fabric for uniforms makes all the difference between a good investment and a bad one. Don’t waste your money- talk with the experts!!
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