How health workers can protect themselves against COVID-19 in a work environment

According to the research, there are almost 59 million healthcare workers worldwide. Health care workers provide care and services to the sick in their community either directly as doctors, physicians, and nurses, or indirectly as helpers, technicians, and medical waste handlers. The healthcare industry is a wide industry involving many different people employed for different jobs.

Hazards Faced By Healthcare Workers

The Healthcare industry is one of the most harmful industries to work in with the threat of being contaminated by harmful diseases 24/7. The workers are exposed to different problems including sharps injuries, harmful exposures to chemicals, hazardous drugs, back injuries, latex allergy, violence, and stress. The rate of nonfatal sickness is the highest in the healthcare sector and needs to be encountered.

Safety Is Crucial

Healthcare workers are the messiah of society. It is important for them to stay in good health and avoid getting exposed to diseases in order to save the ailing people. The safety of the workers while working in a hazardous hospital environment is essential. It is important to provide the staff with clean and disinfected hospital staff uniforms. The lab workers should be provided with lab coats to protect them against accidental spills, e.g. acids. The material of the hospital uniforms should be easily washable, durable, and reliable because the workers have to wear them on a daily basis.

The Declining Time- COVID 19

Healthcare workers are working at the front line to fight the deadly Corona Virus. It should be ensured that they take preventive and protective measures to minimize any health risks, listed below are the instructions given by the World Health Organization for the healthcare workers in order to fight against COVID 19.

The Necessary Measures

  • It is important to provide the workers with proper training for infection prevention.
  • They should be provided with ample supplies such as masks, gloves, goggles, gowns, hand sanitizer, soap, and water, cleaning supplies insufficient amount when they are caring for suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients.
  • The workers should be familiar with technical updates on COVID-19 and be provided with proper tools to assess, test, and treat patients.
  • It should be the responsibility of the authorities to provide rightful security measures for the personal safety of the workers.
  • They should be provided with a carefree environment in which they can report on incidents, such as severe conditions or deaths.
  • They should be instructed on self-assessment, symptom reporting, and staying home when ill.
  • They should be allowed to have breaks during the hard-working hours.
  • They should be permitted to exert the right to remove themselves from work if they have valid explanations such as serious danger to their life or health and should not return to the work station until any necessary remedial action has been taken.
  • The right to compensation, rehabilitation, and remedial services for health workers infected with COVID-19 should be given.
  • They should be provided access to mental health and counseling resources.
  • Cooperation between management and health workers and their representatives should be enabled.
  • They should put on, use, take off, and dispose of PPE (personal protective equipment) properly.

Guideline To Deal With Patients:

  • Health workers should use provided procedures to assess, triage, and treat patients.
  • They should treat patients with respect, tolerance, and prestige.
  • They should keep the patient’s data confidential.
  • They should swiftly follow established public health reporting procedures of suspected and confirmed cases.
  • They should provide or reinforce accurate IPC and public health information, including concerned people who have neither symptoms nor risk.

You First!

Your safety should be at the top of your to-do list. If you are affiliated with the healthcare units as doctors, nurses, security guards, technicians, lab assistants, or physicians, it is necessary for you to take the precautionary measures beforehand. It is important to keep yourself protected in these days where the risk of being infected from the Corona Virus is very high and the death toll is rising every day. Protecting yourself means not being the cause of spreading the virus which eventually means protecting the whole community.

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