How often should Hi-Vis clothing be replaced?

What is Hi Vis Clothing?

Hi-visibility clothing is also known as Hi-vis clothing. They are part of personal protective equipment as they are worn by workers who are working near moving vehicles e.g. Highway or airport workers. Hi-vis clothing also comes in handy during the night time as it helps to identify and see the workers clearly.
The colors that are mostly used are green/yellow, orange, and pink. Reflective tapes are also used so that the workers working in low light are easily recognizable. It is essential to keep a check on the reflective tape because if it reflects more light up to 82%, it can damage the retina. Hence, the tendency of reflectivity should be kept enough to be visible without affecting the eyes.

An Essential Work Wear

Hi-visibility safety clothing is a must-have on every worksite. Hi-visibility security jackets, coveralls, and vests are essential for businesses in the UAE. Mostly the contractors prefer clothing that complies with the UAE's standard for sun protection and reflectivity.

How do you know it's time to replace your Hi Vis clothing?

The need for replacement depends on how you use the clothing and maintain them.
Fabrics are exposed to washing, sweating, harsh environments, and chemical spill when you wear them daily. It causes the material to degrade and dull. The reflective tape on these clothes becomes less effective over time. Even the heavyweight garments can't stand harsh conditions and wear-out when they are regularly exposed to the construction sites' rough environments. Hi-vis long sleeve shirts are an ideal purchase as they will save you from heat strokes and skin problems. According to research, if companies are using cheap reflective tape, it is likely that it will wear-out just after 30 washes. Secondly, if the clothing is not visible from 1000 feet away at night or even day, then it's time to replace the clothing. If your clothes are worn-out, you should get a replacement as soon as possible because once they get damaged, they become less useful and useless.

How to make your high-visibility clothing last longer?

Here are some ways to make your clothing last for a longer time.
1. Constant exposure to heat can have adverse effects on your garments: it is essential to store your clothes in a place where they are less exposed to heat to protect the reflective tape.
2. It is crucial to follow the manufacturer's instructions while washing your jackets, vests, and pants.
3. Check your clothing from time to time and inspect them after 3 to 6 months. It is essential to replace them if they are damaged.
4. Wash it in the washing machine with like colors and a mild detergent, also avoid using bleach.
5. Avoid washing the high-vis clothing with rough fabric as it can damage the reflective tape.
6. Do not machine dry the clothes as the heat can also damage them. It is preferable to dry them on the line under the sun.
7. Make sure to keep your high-vis clothes clean and dirt free all the time, it will make them easily visible, and they won't wear out quickly.

The points mentioned above will help you retain the texture and durability of your clothing. Remember to purchase high-visibility clothing and safety wear that is manufactured to UAE's standards. Non-approved and cheap fabrics will only last a few washes that will cost you a fortune in the future. So, keep in mind to purchase from the best safety wear suppliers in the UAE and make sure to order hi-vis shirts with logo of your company.
In case your clothes get damaged, replace them quickly as your life is more important than

Classifications for Hi-vis Clothing

Having the right clothes for the right time is crucial. Class D/N clothes are suitable for both the day as well as night time. When means they work well in both the daylight and low light at night.
Three Main Classes of High-visibility Clothing
• Class D
These garments are only useable in the daytime and ineffective at night.
• Class N
These garments are suitable for use at night and have retro-reflective tape designed in different patterns such as H or X.
• Class D/N
These garments are the ideal ones as they are wearable in both the day and night time

Purchase the Right Ones

The rough conditions of the UAE can be quite challenging for the workers who work day and night at different places such as construction sites. Buy cotton hi-vis T-shirts as they will provide comfort in summers and will help you work efficiently. It is essential to make the right choice and choose the hi-vis clothing that meets the standard quality. All you need to do is do some research and find the appropriate ppe suppliers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi