Management Tips for Parents and Teachers Regarding Children’s Behaviour.

Children learn from the environment they live in. It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to create a nurturing environment for the children that will help them grow as strong and well-behaved individuals. In this article, you will learn about some factors that directly & indirectly affecting children’s behaviour.

Parents are the Best Influencers

Children spend most of the time with their parents in the early years of life. Parents act as role models who influence children with their actions and behaviour. Parents need to set positive examples as children incorporate them into their daily lives. The negative behaviour of the parents will ultimately affect the children and negatively frame their personalities. Parents should deal with children acceptably by listening to their concerns, looking after their needs, and showing kindness as well as affection. Parents should not deal rigidly or impose rules & regulations all the time because it can have severe consequences.

Role of Teacher in Children’s Life

Teachers have a huge impact on children’s behaviour because children interact and spend most of their time with teachers after their parents. The sole purpose of the teacher is not only to teach but perform various roles in a classroom. She/he works as a guide, motivator, role model, facilitator, mentor, and many times as a friend. The teacher should pay attention to each student and facilitate their needs. The teachers should do needs analysis and should try to resolve the problems that students are facing in their academic careers.

How to Encourage Positive Behaviour?

Students should be given adequate attention when it comes to their behaviour. The parents and teachers should collaborate and work towards the betterment of children. An environment that cultivates positive behaviours in the children should be the top priority of the elders. Let’s look at a list of positive behaviour that needs to be followed by the children in the schools.

Listen attentively
Take turns
Allow others to learn
Follow rules and instructions
Be kind to others
Respect others
Keep the school clean
Use appropriate language
Dress accordingly
Participate when required
Allow others to speak
Show Gratitude
Complete the given task in time
Show good manners in the classroom

Causes of Children’s Bad Behaviour

Use of Coercive Power

It is a misconception that the use of coercive power can model the behaviour of children in a positive way. The strict and authoritative actions of the parents & teachers can result in misbehaviour on part of the students. Students start to dislike the teachers who use coercive force to achieve the objectives of the class and this can eventually prove to be counterproductive.

Classroom Environment

It is essential to keep a check on the classroom environment. Poor management such as poor seating arrangement, unclean classrooms, high temperatures, and loud noises can result in frustration. All these factors can hinder the teaching/learning process as the students would get distracted and misbehave.


It should be kept in mind that teaching and learning should take place at a pace where students can grasp and understand what is being taught. The teachers should keep in mind that less homework should be given or else it will cause stress which will lead to behavioural issues.

Uncomfortable Dressing

The uncomfortable dressing can also cause the students to misbehave in class. Imagine your children wearing a uniform in summers that is made from a woolen material. Sounds disturbing, Doesn’t it? It is important to keep a check on the type of material that you purchase for your child. Keep in mind the stitching as well. If the child wears clothes that are too tight, he/she would feel irritated. If you are a resident of the UAE and looking for school uniform shops in Sharjah, contact the Connection Group that provides you with your desired uniforms.

Attention Seeking Behaviour

Some children are under the spotlight in their homes and expect the same in schools. They want all the attention of the teachers and their fellow students. They try to gain attention by different actions such as misbehaving, abusing, and fighting in the class. Mostly, such kinds of students don’t believe in turn-taking and want to answer the teacher all the time to remain in their good books, which is an inappropriate method as every student should have an equal chance to speak or participate.

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